When I started with online investments, I’ve been very motivated about the profits and the new networking opportunities. After some time I got really successful with some platforms, but it was a lot of work to get to know the right people and platforms, because there are a lot of scammers in the online investment industry. Workload exploded and there were still more and more opportunities. This are the main reasons, why I built my own investment team:

  • The team removed me as the bottleneck: As a lone warrior, I had to do everything alone (blog posts, generating traffic, conversation with potential team members, conversation with possible investors, detect scammers). A team allowed me to multiply my activities. This lead to exponential growth!
  • The team prevented me from burnout: The team now handles all the tasks, which are necessary, but I always didn’t like to do. This puts a smile on my face!
  • The team leveraged skills beyond myself: With more activities, I was able to generate higher income. But I also noticed, that I could also earn money, if the team did most of the work, and I could gain profits from the achievements of my team.
  • New challenges: The team expected my best. I trained them about all the workflows and knowledge. I’d to push them that they never gave up or I had to relieve team members after I noticed they were not ready for the workload.
  • My team also brought some additional perspectives: Every team member has its own perspective. At the beginning, this was not easy for me, because I head a plan, how I wanted to collaborate with my team and there were a lot of ideas and opinions in the team. But after some time I enjoyed the feedback and the team members opened up new vistas.

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IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
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