Please view both graphs carefully. The 2 graphs Investor vs. Investment Team Leader will show how I was able to multiply my earnings by building my own investment team.



Investment Team Leader

Investment Team

Why an investment team is better than single investments

  • I am multipling my earnings by building an motivated investment team.
  • I am helping others by investing money at a reliable, transparent and open minded broker.
  • Everyone in my investment team is also able to use his or her network to build its own investment teams too, I am sharing a lot of knowledge.
  • Some people need some help with the first steps starting with investing money online – I will help them. Onboarding is very important to build trust to my new team members.
  • While building my investment team, my network gets bigger an bigger. It’s nice to get to know different people from all over the world. I’ll started using Facebook, Messengers and other Social Platforms more intensely.
  • Building an investment team, in my opinion is the only way for residual income and financial freedom.

Next Steps

The next article is a step by step guide, how I build my own investment team with MySystemX and FXNextGen.

IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
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