Building my own MySystemX investment team was much easier than I ever thought. I realised that there is no difference between making an online investing account or create an account for my team. Please take some time to read this MySystemX step by step guide carefully.


About MySystemX and FXNextGen

The Basic Setup

In my post Investment vs. Investment team I described the general functionality of how an investment team works. Now I’d like to show a similar graph, how the MySystemX/FXNextGen Setup works for building an investment team:



STEP 1: I created my central MySystemX Account

  1. I registered my central team account at MySystemX
  2. I followed registration and verification steps – if you will need any help, please contact me.
  3. Within 24 hours you will receive an email from FXNextGen. Create an FXNextGen account by clicking on the registration link in this email.
  4. To be allowed to get commissions for deposits of your team members, I  had to invest $100 to my FXNextGen account.


STEP 2: How I added team members to my MSX account

  1. I logged in to my MySystemX Account
  2. Copy the partner link at Member Pages > Marketing Material – The URL looks like
  3. The I spread the link to my existing networking partners and shared the link also to my new networking partners.

Technically this step is very easy, but if you don’t have an existing network of online investors, it will take some time to build this network. It took me some month to get to know new people and to build trust in my network. I used my blog, Facebook, Facebook Groups, LinkedIn, etc. to build my network. But I never forget: My network shares a lot of feedback and knowledge and my personal network affords a lot of new opportunities.


STEP 3: Support is very important – I supported people a lot

  1. I always supported new team members by registration and verification process
  2. Most of the new team members also needed help by their first investment
  3. I set up Skype, Facebook Messenger for direct communication (view contact)


These 3 simple steps helped my, to build my investment team. It took some time, but most of the time was for building my network. Please start today, building your own team:

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IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
Past results are not an indication of future investment results/profits. Individual results may vary due to different market and time conditions. Forex trading is a risky investment. I do not give any assurances for profits. Shown income examples are always individual examples for presentation on this website.