Start investing with a new platform is always a little bit complicated. With FXNextGen it was much easier, because I know one of the CEOs of the company. I’d like to share a guide, how I got ready for my first investment at FXNextGen – you can use this as a guide: How to start with MySystemX and FXNextGen

About MySystemX and FXNextGen

First of all, I want to show you the main steps in the following graph:

How to start with MySystemX and FXNextGen

Registration Steps

  1. I registered my investment partner account at MySystemX. I followed registration and verification steps – if you will need any help, please contact me.
  2. Within 24 hours I received an email from FXNextGen. Then I created the FXNextGen broker account by clicking on the registration link in this email.
  3. To be allowed to get commissions for deposits of your team members, I  had to invest minimum $100 to my FXNextGen account.
  4. After about 2 weeks, I could see the first profits in my FXNextGen Account.

Investment Team

With my MySystemX partner account, I was also able to build my own investment team. If you’re now considering building your own online investment team, you can now read: How I built my investment team – maybe you find some tips to copy.

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IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
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