A recent survey in Russia pointed out, that 73% will increase their crypto investments in 2018. In addition, 49% said that they would like to receive cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as a gift. The Russian website Hi Tech Mail conducted a survey on gifts and over 20,000 Russians participated. On the other side, the other 51% would not be satisfied with a gift in form of cryptocurrencies. They would be more happy about other gifts like mobile phones.

In November 2017, another study conducted by Waves, which surveyed 700 investors, found that 27% if respondents think that Japan will become the world leader in 2018. Gleb Kostarev, a senior associate at Waves, said that 15% think that also Russia or South Korea will be in a leading position. Another 14% consider the United States as the market leader.

73% of Russians will increase their crypto investments in 2018

In another survey, Financial One found, that 89% of all cryptocurrency purchases in Russia are long-term investments. On the other hand, the rest of the investments are not long-term or only out of curiosity. In addition, 59% of investors consider the risk of loss very low. Alexander Ivanov, Managing Director of Waves, explained: Despite the fears of many experts about a bubble in the cryptocurrency market, Russians do not want to reduce their crypto investments in 2018. 73% of the survey participants said, they would increase their cryptocurrency investments in 2018.


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