The last 4 weeks the Bitcoin market price falls and falls – yesterday many investors got really nervous. Since the mid of December the Bitcoin Rally has nearly halved the value of the well known cryptocurrency.

bitcoin rally

However, any rush passes, which could bring a rude awakening for Bitcoin owners. Some market observers fear that the volatility (well known as Bitcoin rally) of the market price will remain that unstable. I do not think, that this will happen in that extreme way as long as many investors think long term.

Investor who want to avoid this risk and also still want to get involved in the crypto investing trend, may therefore also be better advised not to invest in the gold digger (like Bitcoin) itself, but in investment programs that deal with the base technology of cryptocurrencies.

Some months ago, I’ve decided to put my money into stable investment programs, which are also trading with cryptocurrencies. I put some of my assets to one of their multi asset pools and they starting generating profits for me. I had nothing more to do.

Thank you MySystemX and FXNextGen.

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If you are interested in online investments, please read following articles, which are based on my experience:

About MySystemX and FXNextGen

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After some month I am able to share following facts based on my experience:

  • I am getting 4-7% profits per month on my deposit and you never should forget about the compounded interest here.
  • hight transparency – weekly stats in the platform’s member area
  • weekly payouts are possible, though I have chosen medium to log term investment strategies myself
  • Investments starts from 100EUR / USD – so I was able to test with a very small amount of money

You will get more information in their company and trading presentations:

Another connection to the crypto market is, that you can pay out your profits and your deposit in Bitcoin. Afterwards you are also able to change your Bitcoins into any other cryptocurrency at well known Bitcoin exchanges like Kraken. With this investment, I was able to escape the Bitcoin rally.

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