After the deep plunge of the past few days, many Bitcoin investors are obviously nervous and looking for alternatives. After nearly 20,000 US dollars in December, Bitcoin has now lost more than half in value. This tough market situation is also noticeable in the commissions at FXNextGen, but everyone should think long-term.

About MySystemX and FXNextGen

The newsletter

The market is very quiet at the moment, which gives us the opportunity to fine tune our trading strategies and also bring in new trading systems. Our intention is to use the remainder of January for testing and begin the new year from February onwards.

As you will have already seen, the weekly profits are very low compared to the previous month. Apart from the trading pause, the long-term strategy (collateral pool) has also paused. When we commence trading fully from February, it will increase again.

As we have been unsatisfied with the bitcoin service received from 2pay4you for the last two months, very soon we will start our own invoicing system for bitcoin deposits and will offer zero deposit fees for bitcoin, we will also start to do bitcoin withdrawals on our own as we now have our own corporate account with a bitcoin exchanger and can buy and sell bitcoins easily.

At the moment, we are preparing many things in the background and are trying to diversify our portfolio even more, mainly to reduce the risk to a minimum and also to generate stable profits long term.

You may have noticed already that the Newsletters are being sent out less frequently, this will be standard from now on which means newsletters will be sent every 2 weeks. If there are any important updates to share, additional newsletters will be produced.

Trading Update

We are in the final stage of testing the new HFT system and are making very good progress. One account is shared through myfxbook where you can easily access the trading history, both good and bad. The setup for the good ones are already stored and will be used in the future. This week we want to fine tune everything and the plan is to turn this on by the middle of next week.

Additionally, we have been testing a new trading system over the last two weeks and we are in the final stage of these tests as well. The plan is to fully use the new system this week.

We must also announce that we had to cancel the contract with the trading team that were in charge of the Day and Swing Trade Account in November and December. We could not find a new agreement for 2018, that suited both parties. A new trader is in charge of the Multi Asset Day Trading Account also.

Outlook for 2018

2017 was a very challenging year with many technical problems. We are really looking forward to 2018 as we think we have the right partners on board. Everyone is very excited and our clear goal is to reach a minimum performance of 60-70% for 2018. As already mentioned above, we are in the position of dealing with Cryptos (for the moment BTC) on our own and the next step is to activate credit card payments again.

We also plan to allow for children’s’ accounts within the main account, to allow a savings plan or perhaps a one-time investment for family members. Everything regarding that will be available next week. To create such an account, there will be the possibility in the profile to add family members details (Name, Date of Birth) and an upload form for a passport or any other identification. When the details are verified, there will be a link in the left-hand menu to switch to the child account to create trading accounts and deposits. There is no need for a new LPOA as it is linked to the main account.

Currently our total fund volume is decreasing a bit, maybe part of this is due to investors being disappointed with the current situation and our past performance. We see this as a sign to work even harder and try to get all investors back. The last year has demonstrated that a lot of money can be lost if you put your trust in the wrong companies. This year the crypto market has shown that nothing in connection with money is predictable and that these markets come with some volatility.

Our clear goal is to offer everyone the chance to generate wealth over the coming years with reasonable risk. Nowadays if you search through the internet you read everywhere about the golden way to “get rich very quick” and without work. The only way to do this is to win the lottery, but everyone knows about the probability and chances of that.

We want to offer an investment, where you can sit back, relax and wait. Going into the account week by week and then complaining about the weekly results does not help anyone. There will always be good months and bad months and nobody (not even us) is guaranteed a month without losses. No one can predict what will happen tomorrow and the past has shown that sometimes days, weeks and months can be very turbulent.

We sometimes receive complaints about the cost of the Multi Asset Account, do you also complain about the cost of your life insurance or other products? Who can guarantee you that you really get the money which is written on the contract after 40 years? No one can guarantee this, not even the government.

We have found a way to also generate money in addition to the trading e.g. the Collateral Pool and are constantly looking for more trading systems that will help us to grow. At the moment, the total fund volume is the same as it was around August last year and our goal is to at least double this by end of the year. There is so much money flowing in the financial markets on a day to day basis and we are now in a good position to collect a reasonable amount of that over the next few years.

We thank you all for your trust and look forward to travelling this journey together!

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