I’d like to summarise all important facts of the FXNextGen Crypto Pool. It’s fantastic that FXNextGen now offers a crypto only pool. I think there will be more volatility in this pool, but in the medium-term, there will be more growth than in any other investment.

FXNextGen Crypto Pool

FXNextGen plans to generate profits between 2-6% per week.

FXNextGen Crypto Pool Details

  1. Being an active member of MSX and having at least 1,000 US dollars in FXNextGens multi-asset pool are the minimum requirements. So if you want to participate in the crypto pool and do not have already invested at least 1,000 US dollars in the multi-asset pool, this first deposit will be your first step.
  2. The deposit for the crypto pool is only available in Bitcoin and withdrawals can also be paid in Bitcoin. The minimum deposit for the crypto pool is 0.05 BTC.
  3. Deposits are collected during the week and placed on the market every Sunday to Monday night.
  4. There are no fees like the multi-asset pool, therefore MSX marketers will get no commissions for deposits in their downline.
  5. There will be a 20% performance fee on your earnings every week.
  6. MSX higher level marketers will get commissions for the weekly generated profits on 3 levels (level 1: 6% – level 2: 2% – level 3: 2%). 10% of the performance fee is used for these commissions.
  7. The crypto pool is a completely independent product. Downline deposits are not part of the multi asset pool.
  8. Withdrawals will only be available on Sundays. There will be no deposit or withdrawal fees.
  9. If you do not request a payout for your profits on Sundays, the profits will added to your crypto pool and will be traded in the upcoming week (like in the multi-asset pool).

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IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
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