About me

I think, this is the most important page on this blog. I’d like to answer the following questions on this About me page:

  • Who is blogging to you?
  • Why do I run networker-bros.com?
  • What will you find on this blog?
  • Why I believe in cryptocurrencies and online investments?

So, let’s start:

Who is blogging to you?

about me

Hi I’am Michael, living in Austria – always striving to become great with my work and want bigger things in live. I love when the inner kid takes command. I like to know how things work and to collaborate together with nice people – I’m always looking for the invincible team which is in a great mood . In my heart I’m a technician, team leader, fighter and entrepreneur. I like when things are easy. I’m CEO of an Austrian based email marketing company, called Next Lead Generation. I am also interested in affiliate marketing and networking. In this manner I encountered online investments and trading.

Why do I run networker-bros.com?

In 2015 my brother and one of his best friends had some idea. The wanted to build up an online investment website after they got to know some people of the cryptocurrency online investment industry. The project Networker Pros (only German) was born. Today they project is very successful and my brother is became a really brave networker and online investor. Another reason was to offer the German speaking information to the international online investors.

Another important reason is that I’d like to improve my English writing and communication skills. So, please apologise for my mistakes and sometimes for my not so good English phrases or wording so far – I always try to do my best ;-). I also can offer you to start collaboration in German – believe me, at the moment speaking German is easier for me.

What will you find on this blog?

On this blog you will only find reviews, tips. and information about online investment platforms I have invested money myself. I want to be as honest and transparent as I can and want to share my knowledge using all the promoted online investment platforms. Maybe you will be able to avoid pitfalls and safe time and money – maybe I am able to keep you from the hard way.

Why I believe in cryptocurrencies and online investments?

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a very bad reputation in Austria and also in some other European countries. As a worked as a datacenter operations manager a few years ago, me and my colleagues tested some hardware for Bitcoin mining. As many other people, we also thought, that we won’t get rich by mining 2-3 Bitcoins per week (Bitcoin exchange rate was lower than 1$). Some years passed and now time has changed and Bitcoin has reached the $4000 mark.

Also the achievements of my brother make me think positive about cryptocurrencies. I gave him lot’s of advertising and conversion optimisation knowledge – I think it’s time also to share his and my investment knowledge with you.