Bitclub Network

Bitclub Network is a very special platform. I got a member about one year ago and I’m very satisfied! As Bitcoin is becoming more and more popular and also got the most powerful cryptocurrency, I decided to get a member of Bitclub Network. Therefore I also want to share some information with you.

Bitclub Network

Bitclub Network has set up one of the world’s largest mining pools and continues expanding month by month. Additional members like me help them to invest in new hardware that they are able to boost their computing power. At the moment anyone can join the biggest Bitcoin mining community except United States citizens.

Another advantage of Bitclub Network is that they have high payouts on referral commissions for new members – most of the other mining pools do not offer any referral commissions. Existing members are able to profit from the recommendation-based payout plans – an additional income opportunity to the computed Bitcoins.

For most people Bitcoin mining is difficult to understand, because they do not understand the technical terms for this money printing machines. Bitcoin Network built up their highly efficient datacenters to compute cryptocurrencies for the minimum costs.


At the moment Bitclub offers 4 different pools. You can choose one of these pools – Bitcoin commissions are paid out every day.

Bitcoin or alternative cryptocurrency mining will be profitable as log as mining pools expand and the efficiency of these pools will be maximized. As a member of Bitclub Network you will get a share of all mined Bitcoins. Which each share, you earn a percentage of Bitcoin that is paid as a commission and another percentage is used for purchasing additional hardware equipment for the mining pool. Therefore computing power will rise during your investment and you also will get payouts on a daily basis. Your investment in a pool will run 1000 days – afterwards you shares will expire.


Affiliate Solutions of Bitclub Network

Binary Team Cycle Bonus

Bitclub Network Ranking System


The affiliate solutions look a little bit confusing. Don’ t hesitate to contact me for any questions!

If you are also interested in Bitclub Network, just contact me! I’d appreciate it to have you in my team!