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Here you can find answers to the most common questions:


Where can I get Bitcoins?

There are about 100 exchange websites on the internet, where you can afford Bitcoins. For a long time, the largest exchange has been Mt. Gox, but they filed for bankruptcy. Other well known Exchanges are Coinbase, Kraken, Bitstamp, Circle and BTC China. The largest Bitcoin exchange in Germany is bitcoin.de.

How many Bitcoins are available?

The number of Bitcoins is mathematically limited to a maximum of 21 million. The larger the amount of available amount of Bitcoins, the more expensive it will become to generate new units. It will take more than 100 years to calculate the last available Bitcoins.

How to create new Bitcoins?

New Bitcoins must be computed. Every computer is able to “mine” Bitcoins. But in the meantime, computing Bitcoins got very complex and most of the Bitcoins are generated by high performance computers. Professional miners run bit datacenters for crypto mining.

Who is the founder of Bitcoin?

The inventor is someone, who appears on a cryptography mailing list under the name Satoshi Nakamoto – probably a pseudonym, possibly even a group behind it. In 2008, Satoshi outlined the concept of Bitcoin and released an exchange software in 2009. Meanwhile, a small community of developers cares about the source code, which is open source.


What are Bitcoins?

Bitcoins (BTC) are encrypted data packets including numbers and letters. Bitcoins is an anonymous payment method on the internet, making systems like Paypal unnecessary. Others see bitcoins as an alternative value store compared to gold.

The world’s first major transaction was the purchase of two pizzas for 10,000 BTC.

Bitclub Network

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How to buy Bitcoin for Bitclub Network?

STEP 1: Set up a Bitcoin wallet

Setting up a Bitcoin Wallets is free and easy to do. Your Bitcoin Wallet has a unique bitcoin address that allows others to send you Bitcoins. This address identifies your account similar to a bank account number.

Here you will find some popular wallets:

  • BlockChain – official global solution
  • Kraken – Bitcoin exchange platform without fees
STEP 2: Charge your Bitcoin wallet

After setting up you Bitcoin wallet, you must charge your wallet with at minimum 99$. You can use bank transfer, credit card payment and further payment methods to charge your Bitcoin wallet. If you intend to buy stocks from your mining pools, you will need to invest another 500-2,000$.

STEP 3: Send Bitcoins from your wallet to our Bitclub account

If you’re already a member of Bitclub network, please login:


If you want to register at Bitclub network, to profit from one of the world’s biggest Bitcoin mining pools – please register here:

After you have you account registered and you’re logged in, click this button to upgrade your account and generate a unique Bitcoin address associated with your account (username: _________). You have 10 minutes to pay your bill before expiring. DO NOT send payment after more than 10 minutes!

To pay for your upgrade you can either scan the generated QR code, or you also able to copy and paste the BTC address and send the total sum stated on the invoice. As soon as your payment has been received, your account will be updated immediately.


Cryp Trade Capital

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How do you provide security of the personal account?

When performing any operation and making any change of your personal data in your personal account you will need an SMS confirmation from the telephone number specified during the registration. It provides both the security of your account and the protection of the account from hacking.

What shall I do if I have forgotten or lost my password?

Can I change the information regarding the billing data in my account on my own?

Do I need to have my own deposit in the company in order to be able to receive a referral payoff?

What is the amount of the minimum and maximum withdrawal? Are there any restrictions?

How to add an e-wallet to a personal account?

Is it possible to return the deposit earlier?

Early closure of the deposit is not provided.

How quickly are the payments performed?

The company withdraws the money in a timely manner, within 72 hours after the time of filing.

How do you accrue and pay interest on the deposit?

Accruing items on the balance sheet is done on the 15th and 30th day of each month; the withdrawal is carried out at any time after the items have been accrued.

What is the minimum and maximum amount of the deposit for the investment to CRYP TRADE CAPITAL company?

The minimum deposit amount comprises 50 conditional currency units while the maximum is 20,000 USD conditional currency units.

In which currency can an investment be made in?

The company accepts investments in e-currency equivalent to the US dollar.

Which payment systems are available to use with CTC?

The offer following payment/deposit possibilities:

  • Perfect Money (www.perfectmoney.is)
  • Advanced Cash (www.advcash.com)
  • Bitcoin (https://blockchain.info/wallet/#/)

How many accounts can I register at CTC?

You are allowed to register only one account. If CTC spots more accounts registered at one’s name, they also will permanently lock your first account.

I do not receive the account confirmation sms. What can I do?

Please contact the technical support at CTC. The feedback form can be found on their website: https://cryp.trade/contact-us


How can I register on the CRYP TRADE CAPITAL website?

To register on the CTC website, go to the “Registration” section and follow the instructions there.

Who is allowed to register at CRYP TRADE CAPITAL?

Registration is possible for citizens of any country who have reached the legal age (normally 18).