MySystemX – How does it work?

The most important thing:

Friday = Pay Day

Trading results are always calculated on Friday (sometimes on Saturday) for the previous week (Monday to Friday), statistics will be updated with the result from the previous week. At this point, you decide whether you want to pay out the profits or they will be automatically added to your trading pool of the broker (compound interest!).

An additional advantage is also that you are able to pay out your deposits at any time. Therefore your money is not tied than on a usual savings book of your bank. However, thanks to the broker strategy of FXNextGen you will benefit from additional trading results every month.

Difference between marketing platform and the broker

MySystemX is an online marketing platform where you are able to benefit from referral commissions. The core competence of MySystemX is the establishment of new contacts between a potential investor and the specialised forex broker FXNextGen. Additionally, FXNextGen gives the investor the opportunity to participate in the highly lucrative foreign exchange market (forex trading).

After registration and completing the verification process, MySystemX makes contact between FXNextGen and you. You will receive an registration Mail from FXNextGen. Enter the same data like you entered at MySystemX – the teams will match both accounts. After you finished registration and verification process in both platforms, you are ready to invest money starting at 100 US dollars or Euros. When you transfer your investment to an available MultiAssetsAcount (=name of the managed trading account) at FXNextGen, the broker will instruct specialised traders to generate profits with your deposit in the forex market.

How does the registration work?

Registration Steps

  1. I registered my investment partner account at MySystemX.
  2. Click “GET MORE INFORMATION” at the MySystemX page, then click “Request” at the next page.
  3. I followed registration and verification steps – if you will need any help, please contact me.
  4. Within 24 hours I received an email from FXNextGen. Then I created the FXNextGen broker account by clicking on the registration link in this email.
  5. To be allowed to get commissions for deposits of your team members, I  had to invest minimum $100 to my FXNextGen account.
  6. After about 2 weeks, I could see the first profits in my FXNextGen Account.

IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
Past results are not an indication of future investment results/profits. Individual results may vary due to different market and time conditions. Forex trading is a risky investment. I do not give any assurances for profits. Shown income examples are always individual examples for presentation on this website.