MySystemX – How much money you will earn?

At the moment, FXNextGen will realise profits between 5 and 10% per month. Profits will be paid out weekly!

Following three areas are considered in FXNextGen’s trading strategy:

Profit Examples

For an initial investment of 1,000 US dollars with an average monthly profit of 7% you will earn about 1,600 US dollars in the first year and 3,500 US dollars for another 12 months.

Important notes for calculation

  • Profits moving from 5-10% every month (variable).
  • At the beginning each deposit is charged by 27% system fees for marketing and account management.
  • There is no minimum time span – the investment runs as long as you personally want. Every investor decides whether to pay out or to reinvest the profits on a weekly basis.
  • A performance fee of 10% will be charged from the profits. However, only when the 27% deposit fee has already be earned and your depot reached your original deposit amount. I’d recommend to let the invested capital in the system for at least 3 months.

IMPORTANT: Disclaimer
Past results are not an indication of future investment results/profits. Individual results may vary due to different market and time conditions. Forex trading is a risky investment. I do not give any assurances for profits. Shown income examples are always individual examples for presentation on this website.