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Escape the Bitcoin Rally: Stable crypto investments

The last 4 weeks the Bitcoin market price falls and falls – yesterday many investors got really nervous. Since the mid of December the Bitcoin Rally has nearly halved the value of the well known cryptocurrency. However, any rush passes, which could bring a rude awakening for Bitcoin owners. Some market observers fear that the volatility (well known as Bitcoin rally) of the market price will remain that unstable. I do not think, that this will happen in that extreme…

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You are trading cryptos? Understand these terms now!

Some of you might heard one of the following terms in blogposts, on Facebook or in investing communities. While more and more people start trading cryptos, it’s very interesting that communities bring out now words or form language adapted to their daily business. FOMO Fear of missing out. Everything is green on the chart and you don’t own that coin. Trading cryptos is driven by emotions. WHALE It’s a trader with a huge wallet or crypto account. TO DA MOON…

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The best Crypto Investments in 2017 – Part2

After presenting the top positions of the best crypto investments in 2017, I’d like to give you more insights to the other top performers. I think, we will here more about this cryptocurrencies this year – some of them have still a name in the crypto scene. Cardano, Ripple & Bitcoin Cash Cardano is among the emerging cryptocurrencies an insider tip – its ICO took place in October 2017. Cardano is a scientific project that wants to correct the mistakes…

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Bitcoin, IOATA,…which was the best crypto investment 10,000 Euros in 2017

There have been some outperforming cryptocurrencies over the past year. But one cryptocurrency was able to depend on all competitors. Anyone who had invested 10,000 Euros in this digital currency a year ago, could now look forward to a well-stocked asset over one million Euros. So what was the best crypto investment in 2017? If you had invested at the beginning of 2017 in today’s best-known cryptocurrencies, which performance these would have resulted in? I took a closer look at…

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Japanese are the better Bitcoin Traders

At the beginning of the year, Mati Greenspan, Senior Market Analyst at eToro commented on the developments of Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum. The Japanese would be the most enthusiastic traders in the world. According to a new Deutsche Bank report, much of the trading volume had moved to Bitcoin in 2017. Looking at the trading volumes, Japanese are the better Bitcoin traders, because in Japan Bitcoin is a big topic. Since the cryptocurrency in the land of the rising sun…

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73% of Russians will increase their crypto investments in 2018

A recent survey in Russia pointed out, that 73% will increase their crypto investments in 2018. In addition, 49% said that they would like to receive cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, as a gift. The Russian website Hi Tech Mail conducted a survey on gifts and over 20,000 Russians participated. On the other side, the other 51% would not be satisfied with a gift in form of cryptocurrencies. They would be more happy about other gifts like mobile phones. In November 2017,…

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Ripple is now the second most valuable cryptocurrency

Ripple is the big winner of the last week in 2017. The price has risen more than 60%, bringing the market capitalisation to the second most valuable cryptocurrency after Bitcoin. But why exactly is the interest in Ripple so great while many other will known cryptocurrencies are currently below their all-time highs? Ripples CEO Brad Garlinghouse joined CNBC last week to present Ripple to a mainstream audience. The transaction fees with Ripple are very low – also compared to Ethereum…

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Watch out these Altcoins in 2018

A few days ago I posted my selection of Altcoins, I will focus in 2018. The video will give you more insights in my decisions although the main reason for the decision was to focus on Altcoins in 2018. Bitcoin will also go it’s way in 2018 but I think it’s time to look for alternatives because Bitcoin got quite expensive not only for beginners. Watch out these Altcoins in 2018 If you enjoyed this video, please share it on…

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You are able to achieve all your goals! Stop your inner bullshit voice!

The quote “The only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you cant’t achieve it.” of Leonardo DiCaprio / Jordan Belfort is one of the main reasons, why I never stopped working on my online investment team. Most of my friends and family members did not support my finance networking operations, but networking became part of my life. You have to stop your inner bullshit voice. I’d like to give…

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